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When it comes to bed safety rails, people tend to think of narrowly as a safety accessory for children.

While there is no doubt that bed safety rails are commonly used for children’s beds, the majority of bed safety rails are actually used by adults. For children, bed safety rails usually come into play when the child is preparing to make the move from the safety of his/her baby’s crib to the bigger and open toddler or children bed. This is usually when the child is about 2 to 3 years old.

Without you realizing, there comes a time in your toddler's life when he/she have to make the transition from the safety of a baby's crib to the open, but slightly more 'dangerous' 'big girl' or 'big boy' bed. This usually occurs at around the age of 2 to 3 years old.

At this age, the child is becoming too big for his/her crib, but yet he/she is not going to fit nicely on an oversized bed. Aside from the danger from actually falling off the bed, the child may be psychologically stressed due to the fear of falling off one.

To protect your child and to give him/her a sense of security, a bed safety rail is your best option, unless you prefer to sleep with your child. This transition usually lasts between 6 months to a year depending on how quickly your child learns to adapt. It is not a very long period of time and therefore it’s no surprise that bed safety rails for children aren’t the big bulk of where they are used.

While adults appear to have no obvious use for bed safety rails, there is actually plenty of them around in used by adults, you just don’t recognise them when you see one. Look around every hospital bed and you will realise all of them are equipped with bed safety rails. There comes a point in time when adults sometimes need bed safety rails.

It may be because of an accident, a sickness or even old age. Bed safety rails are not only found in hospitals but also used in hospices and private homes with elderly occupants. Bed safety rails help protect against falls by frail adults and sometimes provide support for adults who have injured their legs or hips.

Bed rails should be sized correctly for their specific use, both for children and adult rails. Bed safety rails come in many different sizes to accommodate different bed frames. If bed rails are sized wrongly, they will not provide suitable protection from falls. Bed safety rails should also be installed firmly against the mattress to prevent the user from actually being trapped between the bed rail and the mattress.

When buying bed safety rails, one should take care to look out for the relevant safety certification on the product. Bed safety rails are safety products that should be appropriately designed and certified. Unendorsed or fake bed safety rails may result in harm rather than provide the safety function it should have. For children bed safety rails, you look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification sticker. The JPMA is a recognised standard in children products that certifies that a product is safe for children use. Safety certification for adult beds are much more varied but are usually recognised by their adherence to ISO (international standards) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards of manufacturing. As with any safety product, having proper certification is not sufficient. Always read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure correct and safe use of the product.


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